The New Standard of Care in Shoulder Rehabilitation


The Best Solution for Resistive Shoulder Exercise  

  • Exceptionally smooth, adjustable, bi-directional resistance for internal and external rotation.

  • Excellent muscle isolation and stabilization.

  • Does not store kinetic or potential energy.  No "pull back" from elastic bands or weight stacks.

  • Range of motion (ROM) limitation and elevation adjustments.

  • Innovative quick mounting system for right or left arm patient positioning.

  • Closed cell neoprene elbow pads - easily sanitized, laundered or replaced.

  • Safe, versatile, comfortable and portable.


What Therapists are saying about the Shoulder Rx:

"We have used this device in our busy outpatient physical therapy clinic for over one year.  Our application has been predominantly for patients with shoulder diagnoses and identifiable strength deficits in rotation, either internal, external or both. We have used it with a full range of adult patients, from collegiate athletes to the elderly.  Without exception, patient and clinician feedback has been positive. It is simple to use and adjust.  Its mechanism is strong, but with a range of adjustment sufficient for all levels of strength. Its settings facilitate managed progression as patients gain strength. It permits isolated rotation with excellent stabilization.  It enables us to reassure apprehensive patients because they are fully in control of the movement.  Since strength in external rotation is critical to a positive functional result for many shoulder patients, the Shoulder Rx has enhanced our outcome success.
We continue to identify features and capabilities that add to its versatility and applicability".

Bobbie S. Hurt, PT           Jerry L. Hurt, PT

Physical Therapy Services, Galveston, Texas: