The New Standard of Care in Shoulder Rehabilitation

           Features & Benefits      


           Resistance Adjustment              

The Resistance Adjustment control provides a 10:1 bi-directional damping ratio. By simply rotating the control wheel, the resistance at the pivot point can be increased from 2.5 to 25 Nm/rad/s.
This range accommodates a wide spectrum of patients, from those needing light resistance, to those requiring moderately strong exercise resistance levels.

Torque Proportional Resistance provides variable damping force within a single resistance adjustment control setting. Resistance increases moderately with increases in torque. This feature ensures that even patients with very low strength levels can benefit and activate the actuating arm.

                               Elevation Adjustment


The actuating arm Elevation Adjustment can be set to three positions: 0° horizontal or elevated to 22° or 45°.
By elevating the actuating arm, the patient’s forearm can be easily positioned to a 90° angle with reference to the humerus.

This positioning stabilizes the patient and isolates exercise to the rotator cuff and pectoralis muscle groups.

                               Range Of Motion Adjustment                           

The maximum Range of Motion (ROM) is 180°. The range can be limited in 30° increments by simply placing stopping pins at the desired position. 

Clearly marked for measurement of right or left arm exercise, ROM limits enable benchmarking to easily track patient progress over time.

                            Quick Mounting System                         

Weighing less than 9 pounds, the Shoulder Rx™ can be mounted in minutes by tightening the clamping arms to any table with a square corner. The mounting system accommodates tables up to 2.5 inches in thickness.

Corner mounting allows the patient to be properly positioned and aligned, with a minimum of side-to-side restrictions.

                            Replaceable Elbow Pads


Durable closed-cell scuba grade neoprene elbow pad inserts can be sanitized using any commercially available anti-microbial product. Pads can be removed and replaced quickly and easily, or laundered if desired .